"I'm pleased you approve — since you're paying zee bill"

"I'm pleased you approve — since you're paying zee bill"

Bond girl Eva Green is embroiled in a legal row over who was responsible for the collapse of the British sci-fi flick A Patriot


In leaked emails and Whatsapp messages, the 42-year-old referred to the crew members as "sh*tty peasants from Hampshire", among other expletive-ridden rants. Although she told the court that her Frenchness is to blame for her apparent rudeness.


"I didn't want to work with a sub-standard crew", she said. "I wanted to work with a high-quality crew who just wanted to be paid standard industry rates".


Referring to another message in which she described two of the film-makers as "weak and stupid", Eva declared:


"It's my Frenchness coming out sometimes. Sometimes you say things you don't actually mean. Of course, they're not weak and stupid".


You can read the full details of the court case here.



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