Why Goldfinger was banned in Israel

Why Goldfinger was banned in Israel

Back in 1964 when Goldfinger was released, it was banned in Israel because a journalist reported that villain Gert Fröbe was a member of the Nazi party.

Fröbe joined the Nazi party in 1929 aged 16, but it wasn't what he expected, and left in 1937, two years before the start of World War II.

However, the journalist didn't report that he protected two Jews from the Gestapo.

During an interview at the film's release, Fröbe said: “During the Third Reich, I had the luck to be able to help two Jewish people, although I was a member of the Nazi party.” The journo reported this as "I was a member of the Nazi party", so the film was banned in Israel.

One of the Jews he protected, Mario Blumenau, went to the Israeli Embassy in Vienna to protest that Fröbe had saved his and his mother's life. The ban was lifted shortly after.


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