The man who turned his back on the Hollywood dream to plumb: For Bond Fans Only in Conversation with Norman Wanstall

The man who turned his back on the Hollywood dream to plumb: For Bond Fans Only in Conversation with Norman Wanstall

The February floods put this For Bond Fans Only interview in jeopardy. Yet I, along with FBFO VIP Manager Jonny James, FBFO Filmmaker Ben Atkinson, and FBFO Photographer Kirsty Powell, battled our way through the puddles to Burford: the tripoint between the counties of Shropshire, Hertfordshire and Worcestershire.


We were there to interview the Oscar-winning Norman Wanstall, who greeted us with soup and bread on our arrival. Yet where was Oscar? He was nowhere to be seen.



You'd expect an Oscar to take pride of place in any Oscar-winners home — maybe on the mantelpiece, in a glass display case, or by the swimming pool if you're Brad Pitt. Not the delightfully humble Norm. He keeps his in bubble wrap, with an elastic band around it, in an old briefcase, in one of his wardrobes upstairs. 


"Go ahead, pick him up", he gestured disarmingly. It's much heavier than you'd expect, but I can now say that I've held something that Angie Dickinson has gripped.



Oscar is looking mighty fine for his 56 years. Norm won it for his ground-breaking sound effects on Goldfinger. He then gave up the Hollywood dream and retrained as a plumber. You can find out why in For Bond Fans Only in Conversation with Norman Wanstall.



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