The art of FBFO: part 007

The art of FBFO: part 007

Every month on the For Bond Fans Only Facebook group, members are asked to vote for a Bond-related topic/theme to celebrate and discuss in depth. For instance, FBFO may shine the spotlight on one of the actors, a specific film in the series, a character or a novel/short story, etc.

Anything is up for suggestion, by any member... but there's a twist. You see, FBFO has an affectionate streak of sardonic humour running throughout it, very much like Bond himself, so there is only one caveat: all suggestions have to be pun-tastic! This is demonstrated by the gems (and groaners) below.

Since February 2020, FBFO's very own Chris Smith has produced the artwork banner images for these monthly, pun-embracing, celebrations. Collated below are his designs for the first half of 2022. Enjoy. 

January 2022: "Janulairy"

Theme: villains' lairs — from the spectacular to the exotic to the practical.

February 2022: "Deadruary"

Theme: death — including James Bond himself.

March 2022: "M-arc-h"

Theme: like it or not — Daniel Craig's story arc.

April 2022: "Licence to April"

Theme: a whole month dedicated to LTK? Oh, go on, then.

May 2022: "May Day"

Theme: don't turn your back on her for one more minute! Russell Harty found out the hard way.

June 2022: "June Is Bustin' Out All Over"

Theme: tits!

The art of FBFO will return.

Chris Smith

Chris, from Essex, has been in love with Bond since he was 13 years old. He's now one of FBFO's awfully talented graphic designers.

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