Quarantine of Solace

Quarantine of Solace

Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko has revealed that she's tested positive for the coronavirus. The Bond girl (a tag that's debatable seeing as she didn't do the deed with 007) wrote about her diagnosis of the global bug on Instagram.

"Locked up at home after having tested positive for coronavirus", she posted. "I've actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!

After Olga was taken to a hospital in an ambulance, she was tested via a swab in her throat. Doctors then urged her to return home due to the strain they are under amidst COVID-19.

"They are only taking patients that are struggling with life", she explained.

Olga took to social media again to thank her fans for their support.

"Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes", she said. "I'm overwhelmed with everyone's kindness. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer the most common questions that I've been asked regarding coronavirus".

Olga's temperature reached a whopping 102F. 

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