All the facts about Bond 25 by the Daily Express

All the facts about Bond 25 by the Daily Express

The Express has published an article online called 'Here's all you need to know about Bond 25  plot, cast, trailer, and more'.

We'll save you a click. This article is purely clickbait and probably written by the office junior's cat.

The cast

Apart from Daniel Craig as James Bond, they are guessing. That's all they know for sure. Perhaps Ben Wishaw and Naomie Harris. Helena Bonham Carter is in the frame for a baddie. Those are the only names mentioned. The casting calls have asked for a Maori henchman with combat skills, and a 30 to 60-year-old leading male, and a leading female with "strong physical combat skills".

The plot

They know nothing about the plot apart from "Bond will probably drive a cool car".

Filming locations

They don't know that either.

The trailer

There isn't one.

The release date

25 October 2019 or 8 November if in America.

The title

No idea.

And more

Finally, some actual facts: this is Craig's last outing, and Bond movies have generated over £5.54 billion since they began in 1962.

So there you have it — the Daily Express's 'Everything you wanted to know about Bond 25' article.

Mike Mason

Mike, from Bradford, is For Bond Fans Only's Quartermaster.

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