When Halle Berry lived to Die Another Day

When Halle Berry lived to Die Another Day

It turns out Die Another Day was good for something. During the most graphic sex scene ever committed to an Eon Bond film, Halle Berry claims Pierce Brosnan saved her life.


"I was supposed to be all sexy, trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I end up choking on it, and he had to get up and do the Heimlich", the 53-year-old revealed. 


"That was so not sexy. James Bond knows how to Heimlich! He was there for me. He will always be one of my favourite people in the whole world".


When Brozza spoke about the incident in 2020, he didn't take the accolade of saving Halle's life: 


"I vaguely remember it. I've seen little quotes in the press recently. We were on the set. I'm not quite sure what I did. I might have Heimliched her. I'm not sure. I just patted her on the back".

Sounds like she must've got the thrust of it.

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