"I hear the new M is a lady"

"I hear the new M is a lady"

Earlier in the year, The Sun claimed screentests for Bond no. 7 have begun, and Aaron Taylor Johnson has the role in the bag


More bullsh*t seems to be coming from the red top, claiming Daisy May Cooper is in talks to play Secret Intelligence Service Chief, 'M'.


The 36-year-old actor and writer is a close friend of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who co-wrote the screenplay for Daniel Craig's swansong, No Time To Die



A source (so that's someone who knows as much about Bond 26 as you do) said:


"Daisy is a close pal of Phoebe, whose involvement in Bond was such a success that it sparked an unlikely conversation.


"Suddenly, the production team were getting excited about the prospect of really taking 'M' in a different direction.


"With Daniel leaving, it seemed the time to start looking at changes across the board and the dynamic between Bond and 'M' is at the heart of the films.


"So this opens the door to it being a bit lighter and more comedic going forwards — and will, of course, impact the direction the new 007 goes in too".


Daisy has since rubbished the claims. Upon receiving a gong for Am I Being Unreasonable? at the Royal Television Society Awards, she joked:


"I'm filming Bond... jokes. The only M I'll ever be is Mental".


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