Daniel defends Double O's death

Daniel defends Double O's death

Daniel Craig had defended No Time To Die's controversial — ballsy — unforgivable — dark — whatever you want to call it ending.

Knowing that simply touching his partner and daughter would kill them — no thanks to nanobot technology — Bond sacrifices his life by allowing Navy missiles to rain down on him

"If you stay to the end credits, it definitely says, 'James Bond will return.' So all is good, Daniel said.

Added producer Barbara Broccoli: 

"It's the ultimate sacrifice, and it's very appropriate because people in this line of work put themselves at risk all the time. The amazing thing was that the audience managed to keep this secret.

That's really a testament, I think, to the Bond fans, that they didn't want to spoil other people's enjoyment by telling them the end of the story".

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