"Cilly, you old devil!"

"Cilly, you old devil!"

Cillian Murphy has been tipped to play James Bond by not one but two stars.

"Cillian would do a magnificent job as James Bond on His Majesty's Secret Service", ex-007 Pierce Brosnan claimed.

Oppenheimer co-star Clay Bunker also endorsed the Oscar-winner:

"He would fare beautifully. It’s funny because Cillian is the nicest human but he has that dark side and there’s a darkness to Bond".

"We forget that sometimes Bond is like the character Fleming created  a pretty dark character. He just happens to be on the side that we call good. Cillian has that ability to tap into that".

Although one thing could stand in the way of the Irishman becoming Bond: age. 

Now 47, Cillian addressed the talk:

"I think I'm a bit old for that", he said.

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