The Spy Who Loved Tree

The Spy Who Loved Tree

Daniel Craig and his wife, Rachel Weisz, have launched plans to chop back trees in their garden in an apparent bid to avoid another dispute with neighbours.

They were caught in a row five years ago over a 50-foot high plane tree growing behind their Camden townhouse after a neighbour claimed its roots were damaging his property.

Alasdair Nisbet said the tree was causing cracks in his Victorian home and applied to Camden Council to chop it down. Other residents reacted angrily to the request.

The dispute was resolved, and the tree was saved when the couple offered to trim the tree instead.

Camden Council issued a Tree Protection Order for the plane, saying it contributed to the area's character and said a sewer pipe more likely caused cracks to the neighbouring property.

Daniel and Rachel have now submitted a new application to cut back the tree. Camden Council's planning department is due to decide on the application.

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