"Shall I open it? What? Shall I open it?"

"Shall I open it? What? Shall I open it?"

Can you imagine those piercing blue eyes tearing into you as you weighed up how much tip to leave? Daniel Craig has revealed he would've become a waiter had his acting career flopped.

"I was trying to be an actor before drama school when I left school at 16", he said. 

"I worked at bars and restaurants and earned money. I tried to get by. I painted and decorated and did all these things. When I went to drama school, I made a pact with myself, which was if I ever went back to waiting, I had to give it [acting] up. 

"I did not want to be that actor waiting in a bar. I thought I would go and retrain and do whatever I'd have to do or become a professional waiter".

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