I was 8 years old — definitely of the age when I should have been in bed by 7 pm. I'd made some sort of claims that I was "a bit unwell" and "couldn't sleep" so that I could stay up and watch TV with my parents. 

Diamonds are Forever was on ITV, and I sat there in my "a bit unwell" state watching it, completely mesmerised. It's safe to say that this was the moment my love for Bond and for Sean Connery began. I remember thinking how horrid it must have been to drown in all that clay mud stuff. I remember Shirley's vocals and John Barry's score, warming my little soul. To this day, the title track brings back this weird reminiscent emotion whenever I listen to it.

"Whatever's happening, Mr Bond, has started" 

I decided right there and then that when I was a grown-up, I was going to marry Sean. What my silly little brain didn't realise at the time was that Diamond was over 20 years old and there was an age difference of nearly 60 years between me and ol' Seany. And you generally don't go off marrying Hollywood stars every day either.

So obviously, that plan didn't materialise, but I still think he's probably the most gorgeous man to ever have lived. And all who know me know that I genuinely believe that, evidenced in the countless birthday cards and presents that I've received, adorned with his face and quotes. 

He fits that "tall, dark and handsome" stereotype but has a gritty, rugged edge. His gorgeous Scottish voice could melt the iciest of hearts. I can imagine that when he held you in his arms, you'd be feeling like Domino Derval did when he held her in Thunderball. Lucky, lucky lady.

Sean belongs to that generation of Hollywood actors who oozed presence as well as putting in great performances. 

To me, Connery was/is Bond. He's taken on some absolute turkeys throughout the years. Regardless of their lack of quality, his charisma and dominance are still jumping out of the screen at you. Yes, even in Zardoz, God damn.

Before he retired, his later roles still exuded the qualities of his younger years with the added extra of him being a distinguished older man.

I know Sean isn't known for his floaty light "I'll sign every autograph book you shove in my face while you're calling me John Patrick Mason, Sir" attitude with fans, but come on, if people claim to be fans, then they should know he's a man of privacy. 

Reporters also wouldn't be trying to ask him ridiculous questions in an attempt to outwit him, which in turn are very likely to aggravate him during interviews. I've heard enough positive stories to know I'd never be disappointed if I met him the flesh. However, I've accepted the devastating fact that the chance to do so has long passed me by.

He'll always be my Bond.

Amy Briggs

A proper northern lass. Amy enjoys singing Bond themes loudly in the car, with the window fully down. No shame.

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