Daniel Craggy

Daniel Craggy

From his blonde hair to reportedly not being able to drive a manual car, the Joe public weren't the only ones who had reservations about Daniel Craig's casting as James Bond. The director of his debut film, Casino Royale, was among them. 

"I had certain reservations," Martin Campbell revealed. 

"There was no doubt he was a terrific actor. He was a superb actor. But I'd been brought up in the tradition of Connery, and Roger Moore, and Pierce — all great-looking guys.

"You know, there was a stereotype, if you see what I mean, with those three characters. And Daniel, of course, is much more like Ian Fleming's conception of that part. 

"I think it was Hoagy Carmichael; Fleming said he would be the perfect Bond. I think in 2006 we made Casino, and he was just perfect for the complete reboot, to be honest, which was much more reality-based.

"Barbara Broccoli was the one that really pushed for Daniel Craig; her instincts were 100% correct. Barbara was the one who really championed that, quite correctly, and he turned out to be a terrific Bond".

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