"Leave their legs free — they'll make appetising bait" — For Bond Fans Only in Conversation with Julian Glover

"Leave their legs free — they'll make appetising bait" — For Bond Fans Only in Conversation with Julian Glover

Aristotle Kristatos was different from villains we'd become used to in previous Bond films. He didn't have any desire to start a world war or destroy the world from a colossal lair; he was a double-crossing criminal, albeit a very nasty one — driven by greed.

He was a murderer who killed several people to get what he wanted: money. Kristatos (Bibi's 'Uncle Ari') didn't carry out the murders himself; he hid behind an extreme force of heavies and psychotic killers who carried out his dirty work for him. Locque, Kriegler, Gonzales, Claus, Apostis, and a whole host of others — Aris Kristastos must have had quite some payroll.

Kristatos had a complete disregard for anyone's life, bar perhaps his Olympic ice-skating prodigy niece, Bibi Dhal. Although it's debatable whether his seeming adoration for this young lady was nothing but a facade for his criminal goings-on. Kristatos remains unfazed when Erich Kriegler hits Bibi, and instead discreetly slips away in the background with the stolen goods, which shows how he chose to operate.

I can safely confirm that Julian Glover is nothing like that, and is a bloody nice bloke. On 23 May 2019, the For Bond Fans Only crew — Joe Emery (Editor), Jonny Salt (VIP Manager), Ben Atkinson (Filmmaker), and Kirsty Powell (Photographer) — met him at his home in suburbian South West London. 

Born in 1935, Julian Wyatt Glover CBE, and recipient of the Laurence Olivier Award, has a stage, TV, and film career spanning 66 years. The Avengers, The Saint, Hammer horror (Quatermass and the Pit), Doctor Who, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, London's West End, and James Bond — just a few of the global phenomenons he has been part of. We were also lucky enough to meet his wife, actress Isla Blair, and she and Julian made us feel so welcome.

So sit back with a white wine from Kristatos's home place, providing it's not a little too scented for your palette, and enjoy For Bond Fans Only in conversation with Julian Glover. Just chose which cup you drink it from wisely.

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